Hand painted bendable wings

This model was designed in inspiration of Arsene's wings from Persona 5.

Wings have flexible frame and can be bend to different shape: they can look to the both sides, to the back, can look straight up or bend downwards.

The length of 1 wing from the bottom of your back up till the edge is about 185 cm/73 in

The price depends on the processing time, material and type of feathers (last 3 pictures).
There are 2 options for material of the wings:
1) Isolon - glossy, lightweight, but quite delicate - afraid scratches and crumples
2) EVA foam - matt, more heavy (+ approximately 1 kg for wings), more expensive, but scratches not easily and takes initial shape after crumple.
Both materials are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, don't afraid moisture and water, they are soft and very pleasant to touch. You can use wings inside and outside in any weather numerous of times! They're durable in use and washable.

There are 3 options of feathers' type - you can see them on last 3 pictures.
Type 1 – plain feathers with smooth edges,
Type 2 – feathers with carved edges,
Type 3 – feathers with carved edges and texture. This is my exclusive option which I developed from scratch and wings with textured feathers look awesome!
Note that texture is much more visible on Isolon than on EVA foam due to it's density!
On the pictures wings are made from Isolon with type 2 feathers.
Wings are painted by copper acrylic paint.

Please note, all orders are creating individually and the creation process takes about 20-25 days depending on the number of orders in the queue. If you would like your wings to be made faster, please select the appropriate option in the drop menu.
Delivery time to the USA and Europe is about 20-30 days. We are not responsible for shipping delays.
Please leave your phone number for the courier delivery, your height and size at the Personalization. I'll send an invoice to your email or contact you after checking the details.
Material on the pictures: Isolon

If you need this model in other colors, please contact me.
The detailed description of options:
Material, colors, feathers
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