Material, color, feathers

To create wings I use several types of material and here you will find their description and the advantages of each of them. Every material is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, doesn't afraid moisture and water, soft and very pleasant to touch. You can use wings inside and outside in any weather numerous of times! They're durable in use and washable.
Ann Davidova
Glossy, lightweight, but quite delicate - afraid scratches and crumples. The basic option.
EVA foam
Absolutely matt, more heavy (+ approximately 1 kg for wings and this weight is felt!), more expensive, but scratches not easily and takes initial shape after crumple. +$50 to the basic price.
Translucent Isolon
Very lightweight, a bit translucent, doesn't afraid scratches, the cheapest one (-$20 from the basic price). Exist only in white color. Cannot have the central cord on feathers or texture.
Glitter EVA foam
Shimmering, doesn't afraid scratches and crumples, but this is the most heavy material I use. So I don't recommend to order huge wings entirely from this material, but it could be combined with another one.(+$50 to the basic price).
Type of feathers
Type 1
Plain feathers with smooth edges. The basic option.
Type 2
Feathers with the carved edges. +$50 to the basic price.
Type 3
Unique feathers with texture. I independently developed the technology of their production and this is my pride!)) These are real Luxury wings! +$150 to the basic price. This option including carved edges on feathers.


There is a wide variety of colors for each material except translucent Isolon (only in white). I always have white, black, red and blue color of each material, but for other colors please contact me to ensure it's availability.

Painting by airbrush

Only wings from EVA foam can be painted by airbrush. A wide color range is available, please note the desired color while making an order. +$100 to the basic price.
Hand painting
This type of painting is listed for the Arsene's wings from Persona 5, but you can order it for any wings from Isolon or EVA foam. +$150 to the basic price.