Movable golden wings with horns

Large golden wings were designed for Golden Dragon Cosplay Costume. Perfect addition to Phoenix, Firebird & dragon costumes.
Made from metallized EVA foam.

Wings have hidden loops for the hands which allow you to easily manage and flap your wings.
 The frame from the base till the upper point is bendable so its shape can be changed a bit.
Wings do not need constant hand support.

Note! This wings are designed to be carefully moved by hands (not with high frequency like you're going to take off! :-) while making photoshoot or posing.
We make each copy individually by hand, so the feathers and the shape may differ slightly.
Wings are very lightweight!
The length of 1 wing from the bottom of your back up till the edge is about 135 cm/53 in

 EVA foam is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material, soft and very pleasant to touch. Metallic layer is quiet delicate, afraid scratches.
There are 3 options of feathers' type - you can see them on last 3 pictures.
Type 1 – plain feathers with smooth edges,
Type 2 – feathers with carved edges,
Type 3 – feathers with carved edges and texture. This is my exclusive option which I developed from scratch and wings with textured feathers look awesome!

Wings could be entirely golden, with or without horns – please contact me about custom order!

Please note, all orders are creating individually and the creation process takes about 20-25 days depending on the number of orders in the queue. If you would like your wings to be made faster, please select the appropriate option in the drop menu.
Delivery time to the USA and Europe is about 20-30 days. We are not responsible for shipping delays.
Please leave your phone number for the courier delivery, your height and size at the Personalization.

Our creative workshop is one of the most world famous for cosplay wings. Our technologies for making movable wings and feathers with texture are exclusive! And we guarantee the highest quality of products!

The detailed description of options:
material, colors, feathers

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