Refunds are made according to the law
"On Consumer Rights protection"
Refund when buying on the store's website
To return the product, contact the store with an application for the return of the product, a product or cash receipt and an identity document. The refund is made for the amount of the purchase of the goods, with the exception of the cost of delivery of the returned goods, by the method used when paying for the goods.
Goods of inadequate quality (with defects)
If after the purchase you find defects in the product, you can:
  • return the product;
  • exchange a product for a similar one or choose another (with recalculation of the price);
  • demand a reduction in the price of the product or free elimination of defects
    Products of proper quality (did not like or did not fit)
    When returning or exchanging goods of proper quality, the following must be preserved: the complete set, the presentation of the product, the presentation of the packaging. There should be no traces of exploitation on the product.
    In what time frame can I return the goods
    Goods of inadequate quality (with defects)
    • During the entire warranty period or expiration date, if any.
    • Within a reasonable period (no more than two years), if the product does not have an expiration date or warranty period.
    • the product has a significant drawback;
    Products of proper quality (did not like or did not fit)
    • Within 7 days after receipt.
    • You can return any item, except for goods with individual characteristics. For example, you cannot return an item with an engraving or a product made to order